My Mother’s White Hair

My mother’s white hair, beautiful and soft, lush, a white bush which sits upon the crown of her head, tells the tale of life!

Her white mane screams wisdom, years lived, acceptance, love, beauty, assurance, hope, self-love & life!

The white symbolises her aging years, the family traits but more so her life well lived. It shows just how she has accepted her aging crown of glory. It teaches me to love & slightly embrace the few I have – even though hard!! Still yet I will be covering mine, see am not where she is in her life, I still need to have acceptance, wisdom, a life well lived, then I will allow mine to be in peace.

As for hers, my mother, it’s a sign of respect, not forced but earned! It’s says here I am, love me or leave me.

I tease her about her white mane, but I love her all the same, she is my voice of reason, my future self. As I grow older I see my features in her, she is my best friend and my mother. I hold her I high esteem.

My mother’s white hair!!

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