I had planned to do a post of something light and positive, instead I am writing about death! How prepared are we for death? I am asking myself as I write this. My sister texted me to say a best friend of hers had passed away unexpectedly! It was a shock to me even and it left a feeling of doom lurking around my head space. I accept death when it is expected. When someone was ill or old but not someone who is hardworking, caring, ambitious and just really full of life!!! I will always remember the first time I met this young man. He drives as part of his daily grind,..meaning he operates as taxi driver. He saw me coming along and he said ” I know where you are going, come with me” I said, “I don’t think you do” and went with someone else that was a familar face. A few minutes after I reached my sister’s house here he comes. He said “I told you I know where you were going!” “You look just like your sister!”

I am deeply saddened by this and my heart goes out to his family, his wife and his friends. This is so unexpected, people are afraid to make phone calls. Sometimes we ask why? Why, why, why?? Rip dear soul. I pray you didn’t suffer before your final sleep!!!