Personal Interest

I have realised that I am not giving enough of me to my passions and interest. I am so passionate about the environment, yet still, I have not had time to volunteer or be a part of change where that is concerned. It has to stop and I have to find back my way to being led by my interest and passions.

As a high school senior, I was a part of the environmental club- the treasurer to be exact, I was even awarded a plaque for my service. In college, I project managed a massive environmental end of year project and helped other colleagues set up a booth that was viewed by many. It was such a success! We collaborated with the environment agency of Jamaica and showcased our talents and knowledge on certain areas that were affecting the environment. In class, we had a freedom of speech day and I spoke on recycling, it was exhilarating, I lit up and managed to convince others who didn’t believe in recycling. All this was over 10 years ago, but it shouldn’t matter.

Here at home, I have convinced my flatmate that recycling is very important and that we should all do it to ensure we have a world that we can all live and breathe in. Her belief was that ‘we will all die anyway¬†so why do anything different?’ I had to show her that we do not know how long we will live and so we should ensure that we take care of what we have now. I believe that if one person cares and tries to do his/her best then that counts.

I have to ensure that my passions and my interests play a vital part of who I am now and my future.

Please volunteer where you can! Recycle, place your garbage in the bin, etc. The small things make a big impact.