Staying positive even when you don’t feel like it

It’s easy for others to encourage and say ‘stay positive’ because they are not in your situation. It’s also good to be encouraged so accept it and give thanks, however, find your own way of being positive or having positive energy. There is no one way to do this nor any right way. I will say this though, a deep breath and a prayer are never wrong! Remember to hold dear and close to your bosom God’s word and his promise. Even when it seems that things are not going your way. Even when it seems the waiting is unbearable, keep positive. As I say this I also speak to myself about the same issue. Waiting for that job to come through is like like seeing a tumbleweed roll by😂 but! I know God is able and he will deliver me and bless me with a job so that my bounty will be untold of. He knows he did not make me to be insignificant, or to remain at a work place that is not fulfilling, he knows this. He knows that he made me unique, as he made you also, so why should we settle for less?? He has already done all we will ask for, he needs us to claim it! Claim it!!! It is yours!!!