Do you feel protective of your family members? I do! I love my sisters so much I would physically hurt someone for them, especially the youngest. We share a strong bond and at times she shares things with me before anyone else. Just recently she was in the hospital to give birth and just hearing the horror that took place in that hospital made me want to fly home and hurt a nurse. Good sense prevailed, of course, therefore, I am planning to write a public letter to for the attention of the prime minister and his office. I will not, however, disgrace my homeland, but instead outline my disgust and disappointment about the situation and the continuing bad treatment of women at this hospital. My country is a wonderful place, however, we are lacking in customer service in some areas and I believe the nurses and doctors who work within these walls should be trained in such.

I will say many prayers and intercessions were given up for my sister and she is well as we speak. She will be allowed to go home to heal from c-section that was given and to bond joyfully with her beautifully preserved baby boy. HIs dad gave him a Hebrew name meaning strong. I won’t reveal the name seeing that I am not sure they would want me to. I am just filled with joy knowing that both are doing well. To God be the glory, Amen!