What are your life desire?

At one point in my life I thought that teachig was my ‘calling.’ I loved it so much when I was living in my home land of Jamaica (that was my first career). I fought very hard to return to the profession in this country only to be discouraged by what takes place inside the classroom. What takes place within the institution itself with the plotics, the bullying etc. I would never want to be a part of such a thing even if I could make a difference in a young life sad to say it but I speak the truth!

What I do know is that I believe I am called to make a difference in other people’s lives. I was shown my next phase of life’s work. This involves working with women who are abused. This however, will not be just another degree, but a ministerial degree with a difference…haha no that’s the name.

Of course I have to wait on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but I know when God is ready He will tell me when! I have never felt as if I wanted to work with women and girls muchless those who are abused! That has to be the work of the Spirit. I will wait and listen for instructions, in the meantime the foundation is being laid.

The career I am in now (HR) has its purpose and once that is fulfiled and God sees that I have learned what I need to learn He will send me where my heart should be. I know that I would like to make a difference in someone’s life.

This growing desire has now rested itself deep within, I know now that I need to do some research, such as looking at universities that are right for me or perhaps even see if there is a job for me in an organisation that deals with this but working in the capacity of an HR personnel first. Whichever way I get there I will know once I am there. I am drawn to encourage women by helping them see how magnificant a creature God made them to be and that no man or no one can stop that.

It hurts me when I see potential wasted in a female because of what she had gone through in life – their innocence stolen by some disgusting pervert, or because their guardian died while they were young they were neglected by family members instead of cared for, what ever the reason it should never have happened. I know that there are many organisations out there that are doing fantastic work where these women are concerned and I believe I need to be a part of it.

This fight has become personal, I won’t go into specifics but I have known too many young women who deserved more.

God help us all as we try to make a difference in this world.

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  1. I believe that God has a specific purpose for all of us. In the right season, he will reveal his will to you. Continue to do the best that you can in your current capacity. God bless you and keep pushing forward.

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