Carpe Diem

Do you seize each day? I don’t and that is me being honest. What woke me up to taking charge of my days instead of allowing my day to take charge of me is a recent death of someone I know. He was a dear friend of my sister and unfortunately he died while trying to get help. This showed that you are here today and gone tomorrow. No one is guarantee life, no one. Yes, I know we live and we die, but what we do in-between is what counts.

I recently bought two books to help me with my procrastination issues. One is to help my mind with how I think and process things, trying to be active and take risks. The other is to assist with habits. We all know a small habit can become a big problem or a big reward. I choose for it to be a reward. These books are really thin and easy to read. They are available on Amazon and can be used whenever.

This new mindset helps with getting things done! I am hopeful that it sticks. To help me ensure it sticks I have downloaded a goal app, I will then use this to tick off each day and get to my goal of having my habit becoming a part of my life for good. I have started with exercise. I used to do this constantly and consistently years ago and because of work and a busy life I completely stopped. I gained weight and a sluggish attitude with that an expanding waistline. I am ensuring that I start off small and grow momentum. I am now less busy plus the summer is here, so why not? This new mindset also wants me to push for my career and have a change of pace for my life, I will get there, I know I will. I have enough faith to move a mountain but without works it is dead!

If you struggle with not sticking to anything I suggest you try and start small with changing a habit or developing a good one. Don’t rush and make it a priority. In no time you will get to where you need to go.


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