Being Courageous!

Nelson Mandela once said, I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it”.

I have allowed fear to run my life so many times. It has stopped me becoming successful in my life because my mind told me everything that could and would go wrong. What kind  of life am I living if I keep allowing fear to run the show?

Isn’t life about feeling fearful but still taking the plunge? How many great ideas are born from this? We wouldn’t be able to enjoy many things if inventors, architects, visionaries e.t.c. had decided they were too fearful to try! My mind can sometimes create such a blockage that it seems like I am feeling pulled under, drowning, falling apart, you get what I mean?

I have come to realise that my fears are only in my head and once I work on my mind I always overcome most fearful thoughts that appear. I have now stopped allowing myself to be so fearful that it cripples me, instead I will continue to speak to my mind, work on my affirmations and smile at myself in the mirror.

I must say that I also pray a lot about overcoming fear, the more I do it the more fearless I get. I pray and I read about the valiant characters in the Bible who made major strides even though they were fearful. They  searched the Word and God directly and found the strength from God to go above and beyond to overcome their fear. If they could overcome their fears then so can I.

There is a major decision that I will need to make very soon and yes although I am fearful, I am also excited about the prospects that might become. In life we should always take risk, good calculated risks that will allow us to grow, succeed, and become more than we already are. Life is a journey and we should try to enjoy each small aspect that makes up that journey.

I intend to triumph over my fears because in the end the choice will be better for me I believe in more ways than one.

We may be afraid but we should have the courage to always go after what we want especially when it will make our lives better!

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