I can relate to Tia Mowry’s story, endometriosis can be a serious condition if not treated. At times women suffer from the misdiagnosis presented to them by doctors who don’t have the time or patience to treat effectively. I started having painful cycles at the age of 14 after I had stopped competing as an athlete. I was active, exercised vigorously and had abs of steel. After I started having pains I thought to have it was normal each month since most of those I knew had some sort of pain. My best friend had to stay home at least 1 day each month since her pain was so awful.

Very rarely was I away from school, I could manage the pain with painkillers after throwing up and rolling on the ground before falling asleep in the fetal position. The pain got worse as I got older, I would visit the doctors who were mostly male and received high dosage painkillers. It took the investigation or rather suggestion of my childhood doctor that perhaps I may have endometriosis although he was reluctant to diagnose because I was the patient of a renowned gynecologist at the time. But what the heck was endometriosis? The situation became so severe I would be absent from work each month or would be permitted to sleep off the pain in my boss’s office (I was a teacher in Jamaica then) or get this taken to the local hospital to be given an injection. My journey with this dreadful condition has many tales.

However, being diagnosed with this condition finally was frightening and relieved at the same time (the diagnosis came after the surgery).  The doctors thought that I had cancer after tests reveal the same or similar symptoms of ovarian cancer. I had to sign a consent form to say that my womb was to be removed if there was any cancer and if it was aggressive. If I said I was panicked or worried would be an understatement. I was petrified beyond comprehension. I always thank God from where He brought me from to where I am today.

The surgery revealed scar tissues on top of scar tissues. The cyst that had grown because of this was also removed. I thought that was the end of my painful cycles. Then I had the worse of the worst of pains, I was hopeless, cried out to God why me? I have learned a lot since having my surgery and being prescribed contraceptives in order to function as a normal woman on my cycle each month. Fast forwarded 10 years post diagnosis and being off the pill for 2.5 years now and learning to cope by looking at my diet and exercise.

There was never a contraceptive that worked in its entirety. The side effects were devastating and made me a hormonal wreck. I suffered from depression while on the pill. I also became aggressive and abusive when the doctors lowered the estrogen and gave me more testosterone (eye roll). I finally decided enough was enough when I had my cycle returned within a week of starting a new brand of the pill. This was perhaps my 5th or 6th brand in 7 years. I won’t mention the headaches before or after my cycle ended- you know those ones that felt like your brain was bleeding?

I started to heal myself spiritually, then physically. I learned what made me feel right throughout the month before my cycle started and how I felt during my cycle. I was on to something! I experimented each month to see how I would feel if I ate too much meat, drank way too much coffee, no exercise, little veg or green juice etc. The results were always worse when I didn’t eat clean. Watching Tia Mowry speak about her condition helped me along, I have posted her video above to hear her speak about this.

Recently I was away for the Summer and my eating pattern was unusual,  not surprising to say that I suffered. The pain was not as severe as I have had previously, however, it was longer, I felt sick and very bloated. I am now home and have decided to return to my ‘clean eating to help my mood, my body and my endo’.

I will keep updating this new page on my blog so that if anyone out there needs some help, please leave your comments below and I will definitely reach out. We are here for each other.

So this is an update so to speak about my ‘endo’ condition. I have decided not to return ever to the contraceptives, I have been using a very strong painkiller that was prescribed years now to help me cope on my 1st day of cycle, otherwise, the ‘endo’ that seemed to have spread (it started to spread to other areas) is behaving well so to speak. I may have forgotten to mention but yes, endometriosis can spread to other areas of the body and cause severe distress.

I have now returned to working out slowly, I will become more religious. I have now adopted an almost vegan diet. I will keep you posted on other updates!