Having Self-Belief

I was inspired to write this after failing to fall asleep at my usual time for a few nights. The reason behind this is the fact that a recent meeting left me feeling inadequate, incapable, doubtful, all the words to describe ‘dumb’. This stayed with me for a little while until I laid in bed and started questioning God loudly!

His answer was entitled ‘ The only treasure’ by Ellen. G. White in her devotional book ‘From the Heart.’ I use this book each night for my devotional base. In the Feb 24th writing, the passage was Ephesians 2:10:- which says ‘for we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before hand that should walk with them.

This led me to read these very words as a reminder to myself from another day’s reading – ”cultivate the thoughts and expand the soul by refusing to allow the mind to be filled with unimportant matters. Secure every advantage within your reach for strengthening the intellect. Do not rest satisfied with low standard. Do not be content until, by faithful endeavour, watchfulness and earnest prayer, you have secured the wisdom that is from above.” I have been meditating on such good advice, even decades ago there were words like this that had such great meaning and can still help with encouragement today!

One of the greatest gifts we have been given outside of life, is choice! How we spend our time, what we do with our lives, our friends, the actions we perform, the way we act, etc. all leads to choice. We are free to choose. I have decided from long time ago and especially since I saw how fear and negativity affected the mind and body (to not allow anyone’s negative talk to tear the walls of hope, dreams, goals, aspirations, determination and desires down). There are some people who find validation in bullying others, creating doubt and dispair in someone, they then sit back and feel great within themselves for creating such powerful words of discouragement! Words are powerful when you believe them. They form a tornado in your mind and can damage every aspect of your life if you allow it to. Instead why don’t you and I change:

1 – Thoughts

2 – Feelings

3 – Actions

The battlefield of the mind is real. We are at war! We are crippled by fear, we talk ourselves out of many things because of fear ( I am guilty of that). 1Timothy 1: 7 speaks about God not giving us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. Did you notice it said ‘power!! What does that mean? It means we can have power over fear! We can control our feelings or self-worth and then add the action. Doing the things though fearful, though reluctant, though insecure, though we constantly hear ‘you are not good enough, you are not this enough or that enough’.  We can push through these dark words of discouragement and stand on the other side of brightness. Then we can help others find this amazing discovery.

We, however, should have faith, and apply the action of faith, for faith without works is dead.

I was up writing late at night because I have decided no more of allowing my mind to be used for anyone’s mind games, for anyone’s manipulation tactics.

I am an over-comer, many people wouldn’t imagine that I have been through some of the things I have been through, however, I stand firm, I see myself as a born achiever, a mould breaker, for my spirit cannot be contained. I have been told that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! What others say unless it is of good report is like water running off my back…it doesn’t stick, what’s left I can dry that off.

Let’s stop allowing bosses, friends, family members, and people in general to take our thoughts, our minds, our everything and destroy us so that they can feel better about themselves. Rise up, for we are like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, pulling strength in her wings to soar above, to glisten in the sunlight and use her sound to say hey I am here!