Wow! Just like that 2018 is over.

I haven’t done a blog post for so long I have forgotten how to do this it seems. The last time I wrote was perhaps September or there about after I started working in my new post. I must say this new position has caused some anxiety, some questions have been asked on my part, and some answers were given. However, I will speak on that another time.

I now find myself writing a blog post after months of losing my drive for writing. A few days ago after hearing an inner voice, I decided that it is not too late to restart and reclaim my passion in writing. Here I am on the verge of a new year (2019) and the ending of a difficult one (2018) and writing a post that I am not sure will be read or even viewed but writing anyways.

I will endeavour to ensure that my blog grows tremendously in 2019, reaching many others who are in need of something different than what the world offers and social media dictates. I hope to use my new enthusiasm in my blog to encourage others to find themselves through various areas. I have found myself a bit too complacent in who I am, therefore I will push myself to be uncomfortable so that I can achieve what I need to achieve. For far too long I have allowed myself to ‘just be’. Now I am interested in becoming “more”. In doing so there are a few books I intend to read to upgrade my thought process and regain my confidence. I find that reading helps me discover who I can be and who I need to be.

You see, I have allowed my lack of practical knowledge in my area of work/career to pull me into a dark place. A place where no confidence lives and low motivation thrives. I have been a part of that place for the last 3 months (Sept -Dec 18). I feel like I have broken free of such chains that had shackled my ankles and burdened me with issues I cannot share. I have decided no more because I am alive and I have hope. I intend to become great at my job and give of my best. This requires dedication and enthusiasm that I did not have for my work. Instead I had developed fear of my manager and felt awkward and insignificant in my team. However, I am determined that I will become more than what I have seem to become accustomed to. Instead of feeling as if I am unimportant, I will fake my confidence until it becomes such a huge part of me, a place where no one can break it apart.

2019 is rapidly approaching and no one knows what tomorrow will bring, however, I believe that we are all placed on this earth for a purpose and I intend to create a future for myself that will be great.

This new year by God’s grace and His will I know that there are many things that will change, I will perhaps lose people that I have held onto to for far too long. My happiness, joy and peace of mind comes first! I will not allow anyone to steal any of those things. Outside of my daily ‘what I am grateful for’ I will also upon waking up in the mornings say ‘something good will happen to me today and something good will happen because of me today’. The trick to this is believing that it will be so.

Will you do the same? How about deciding that this new year will be your year? That you  will ensure that your visions for your life will become a reality! Let us ensure that we work on us before working on anyone else!

2018 will forever be written in history as the other years have been, while 2019 holds endless possibilities, I intend to ride that train.