Believing in Yourself- an update from job search

Yea me!! So an update to my post on job searching. I went on an interview recently and has now been offered the post. I posted earlier that I wanted to start off in HR as an Administrator and yep, you guessed it….I am now the new Group HR Administrator! I officially start on the 12th of September.

I must say that this position was brought to me because I prayed for it, not just prayed but believed also. Faith is important in anything, whether we are believers in God or not! If you do not believe in what you are doing or want to do it will not manifest.

There is a story sitting behind my appointment. Apart of this story is that I was applying for work but decided to have a look again at my CV, LinkedIn profile and application letters and realised that they didn’t have a chance. I, therefore, worked firstly on my LinkedIn profile and updated it making look attractive to recruiters and companies.

It worked! I was contacted on the website via the message box and we connected. Suffice to say I decided to use the CIPD website to help me learn some interview techniques via a free course that they offer. You see, I prayed yes, but I also prepared and worked towards that which I prayed for. I also made it about God, not myself. He is the director and the glory is HIS!

I will add a link down below for the CIPD website, there are so many ‘free’ courses available. It’s free if you do not need a certificate. A small fee of £32 onwards may apply if you need anything extra.