Our Personal S.W.O.T





Do we stop and assess our SWOT? I know that we are not marketing products, however, we are marketing personas. We market ourselves daily to the world, what are you marketing? what am I marketing? Do we look at our strengths, weakness, etc and see how these can actually help us to become better? Do we assess our opportunities and weaknesses and realise that we can use both to become our best selves?

I have come to realise that I need to do a swot!! I need to do an overhaul of who I am and my whole life. I am talking my health, wealth, focus, drive, stewardship, mind & body, family, friends, and strangers. It is a lot, but is it really? Of course, not all things will be done at once, however, small actions can produce big results. I have come to realise recently that my weight gain is more than me being greedy, it has to do with compensating for something else, and it is with this realisation that I have decided to put a stop to it and challenge myself. Stop looking at work out photos and videos and go ‘I want to do that’ when in fact I can just ‘do that’.

There is a missing part to my puzzle (my life) but I will not allow it to take away from me, for now, I will refocus my energy and use that missing piece of the puzzle to push me harder!!!

I know my SWOT and I will use it to my advantage, won’t you?


How much time do we have?  

Where has the time gone?

Look at the time!

Give me more time!

Stop wasting my time!

These are just some of the expressions we hear made about time everyday. This to me means time is precious, there is no time to waste on foolish things. In the past I would sit and be overcome by my problems, my issues in life and hours would pass by with me mourning about what had just happened. I had to learn to pray and ask God to abide in my mind so that I wouldn’t allow the enemy to steal my time and use it against me.

I learnt that trials will come, I will have problems that I won’t be able to solve on my own, but if I gave them to the Father in heaven and believe when I pray then I will be comforted. I would be given strength to deal with these issues. With everything happening in the world people are filled with doubts, there is a higher power than us at work and the Bible has to be fulfilled. Whether we believe or not time is rushing on.

Don’t waste it on foolish things, instead see where you can use it to glorify God and ask for his guidance, his wisdom and His understanding, never doubting when you ask and He will grant it to you.

We all need more time, however, we are given 24hrs in a day, how it is used is up to us, I say use it wisely!


Have you been inspired lately?

Inspirations are around us constantly, if we look. It may be in the speeches we hear, the songs we listen to, prayer, our friends, other folks, whatever. Inspiration to me is everywhere. I look at my friends and how they manage their lives, the struggles they go through and I am inspired. I am inspired because of my sisters who are parents, how they parent their child/ren, run their businesses, deal with their jobs and the daily issues that life throws at them.

I am also inspired by my 2 best friends and my ‘cosfriend’ (cousin and friend all wrapped up in one). I look at their lives and listen to how they get on each day, how they deal with disappointment, illness, death, all the stuff life throws at them. I see their strength that shines through and that is motivation for me.

The greatest inspiration though is my mother. Her struggles, her enthusiasm for life, her infectious laughter, strength, and ability to encapsulate and embody all her years of experience, knowledge, and truth inspires me daily.

Please find some inspiration today!! England is bathing in sunlight, sunshine and warm at this present moment, be inspired!!