Being Grateful In spite Of!!

I have not written for a very long time, purely because I just didn’t feel like it. I was taking time away from everything to figure out my spiritual life, maintain a positive mindset and live my life in spite of the struggles. You see, it has a been a very rough five to six months financially. I know almost everyone goes through drought seasons and I am going through mine. However, I know that my God will pull me from the bottom of the well and plant me by the waters so that my roots will spread and grow. For now, I am being contented with my dry season and working whilst having faith that all my needs will be supplied. The dry season is about to be over!! I declare it so and speak and think it so.

One thing I know for sure is that I cannot fret nor worry because I have prayed to have a peaceful mind, a mind that is always joyful no matter what-let me tell you, be careful what you pray for. Since I have been blessed with a peaceful and joyful mind, I cannot worry! I have now turned my prayer onto my financial situation and I know that God will wipe away the dry season and replace it with fruitfulness, abundance, wealth! He knows that it is not just for me that He is doing this for but that when my cup is full there are many beneficiaries outside of my family.

I will really try to write more content from now on and hope that readers will find what I am saying helpful in some way shape or form.

Have a great weekend!