2017 Quiet Reflection

The end of 2017 is upon us and the beginning of 2018 awaits. I have no idea what the new year holds for me, however, if it involves some spiritual growth, self-growth and self-determination then come along New Year! This 2017 has been surprising in so many ways. I have decided to change my spiritual journey with God. He is the only reason for my growth. With that said, I now go to North Wembley Seventh Day Adventist and have shifted from Sunday worship (Baptist). This will be a shock to many and a problem for some, however, the person that I have become cares zero about comments, looks or anything else from people. I have been through too much, overcame too much, saw too, heard too much, experienced too much to care about the little stuff. I will, therefore, continue to grow in Christ and learn more about His commandments and grow deeper spiritually. I have also decided to leave the religious life where we are so caught up in religion we forget about our spirit-filled life. 2017 has given me the courage to walk away from a toxic job, I was so ugly and dark, so dead inside I could have injured someone and not cared one bit. I could also have died and gone to hell. Why? Would it have been worth it?

I then give God thanks and praise His name for opening my eyes and giving me the wisdom, understanding and courage to grow and become the working progress that is ME! He has given me the chance this year to assess my life and do better, be more. Therefore, with the help of God, I have come into my new season of growth, prosperity and change. I embrace every aspect of my new life, including placing the great King at the forefront of my decisions and awaiting His blessings on my life.

I, therefore, embrace the new year that is coming and will ask the Lord to cover the year ahead and bless His children abundantly. I await His prosperous bounty on my life. My pocket is already filled with His blessings in the form of money, my body is already healed and healthy, my mind is already filled with wisdom and knowledge, my family has already received their blessings also. With that said I give thanks in advance.


Finding my career path

The recruitment process can be hard and harsh, being probed by recruiters and then interviews. The experience to me personally is a positive one. I gain insight into the world of corporate life, the involvement of meeting with different stakeholders, getting practice during the recruitment and the interview process and being confident during the process. I envision myself in a career developing role, something that I can grow into and help to make my organisation even greater than it was before.

I like the thought of helping to project manage, grow or develop a business by using marketing strategies, linking business to online social media platforms and using it to see how best the business will grow.  Does that mean I want to work in project management or business development? I am not sure. I do know that I love being creative and the thought process of seeing something grow to life. I also like the idea of using communication skills, both verbal and written, using information and research to acquire results. Mmmmm! Why did I think I didn’t know which direction I wanted to go?

I do know the career path I want. It involves creativity, fun, some hints of marketing, human resources and business development. I love to talk so much PR should be thrown in too lol!

This interview and job search process has taught me so much, like being resilient, determined and driven. I want to earn well above a basic salary and prosper instead of surviving. I need to be able to win at my career and at life goals.

Passions and Interest

After watching a video on LinkedIn, I was reminded that our passion can help to create our future and help with making the right decisions. How could I have forgotten that my interest or passion could become a career? really foolish of me, especially since many businesses and mega-billion industries were built from people’s passions and interest. She helped me realised that I should use the list that I will create from my passions and skills and pair that to how I can make money from it. I now have decided to use my interest to chart my life into the future. As a young person, I loved everything that the environment could offer. I loved debating how we should ensure we take care of the environment by recycling, turning off lights when not using, conserving on energy, doing a compost if possible, using glass instead of plastic where possible, etc.  I also like to communicate, I love information and knowledge. I know it sounds like I am boring but I am not. On the contrary, I love different kinds of information so that I can communicate well wherever I am and with whomever, I come across. I now realised that perhaps my future career path is something where I can use information to establish change and growth.

My passion has now piqued my interest again and has got me excited about volunteer with the local community and to campaign on issues relating to the environment. I will definitely follow through on these things and help to create a better me but also a better environment.

What are you holding out for?

Am I mad for wanting the best for myself after years of purely existing? After working in different industries since arriving in the UK, from cash in hand, social care to customer service all the while working for pittance, am I mad for wanting to flourish instead of surviving and existing? I need a basic salary of £25000k per year to start flourishing. The higher end of £30,000k would allow me to live how I should, affording vacations, being more charitable, investments etc. £35,0000k onwards would be extremely fantastic. I am now in living in faith instead of in fear. For far too long I have purely existed, only to realise how unhappy I was in jobs and yet working for a survival rate that did not compensate for that unhappiness. 

I will now live in my vision of realising and actualising where I need to be and how I will get there. I will continue to live in faith.I will continue to visualize and internalise my future by using my vision board, writing down my goals and expectations. It’s time for me to actualise what I need to become and at my age I have no time to waste. As a millennial, I am deserving of more and there are only two persons who are in charge of that, the Lord God Almighty and ME! He made me to do more, be more than a mediocre person, more than average, instead, He made me to be great! Well then, great I will be