Do you ever worry about gossip? Whether it’s you doing it or others are gossiping about you, it can be awful. Gossip can destroy people’s character that they spent their whole life building, also the person who gossips to you is also gossiping about you! Why do we allow this to happen? Are we too afraid to say I don’t want to hear what you are saying about the other person? Or do we not care? At work I am having a situation where gossip is an issue and it is eating away at me a little bit. Only because I know how I am in response to people and what they say, for instance, I know that I will speak the truth purely because that’s just me. Also because I will forget I said something, so if I am going to forget I said something let it be truthful, I can never keep track of a lie, it’s hard work!
Work has become a hot mess and I hope everything gets resolved sooner rather than later for everyone’s sake, especially mine.
At the moment I want to put the two offenders in a room and ask them what was said and to clarify, too often we misinterpret what other people say and turn it into a massive sink hole. The bible speaks about a lying tongue, its speaks about the tongue in so many contexts, I wonder why??